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Vu Tran May 27th, 2010

IconEden’s Tutorial Series: “Icon Design Made Simple!”

Hello. As you might know, if you’re one of those guys who have been following us over the past 2 years, we had an announcement about making a book providing some ultimate guides and sharing our experiences on icon design. After spending 2 years writing it and doing it in our own way, now we could take an easy breath because… ah gosh, we made it! Are you happy with us?

Icon Design Made Simple

But, yeah but…

…that only leaves us half happy. As a matter of fact, the book is done with the content and we’re wondering if it’s missing something that we’re still uncertain about, maybe something related to knowledge demands from readers. Because the art of icon design is so deep and wide, and we think that it’s on its way developing higher. In other words, what we wrote in the book we feel are not just enough, not qualified to have it come out, even though the book has taken up to 300 pages. So, we’re still hesitating to publish it.

Surprisingly, we got an e-mail from one of our readers about a month ago, asking us to show him some way to get adapted to the Adobe Illustrator’s popular tools and use them for his icon design in a basic and simple way. Well, in our opinion, there’s no more effective way to guide you guys than introducing some of my real tiny products and walking you step by step through our whole process of creating them. And we think, yeah, why not take “the book” and publish it bit by bit as a series on this blog. Besides, in doing so, we believe we will receive lots of suggestions, opinions, requests or any knowledge contribution from our readers, upon which we can improve the book for a better revision and edition. So, we made up our mind and here comes our tutorial series “Icon Design Made Simple” for you guys.

Throughout this series, we will share with you some of our techniques, styles and basic understandings on making applicable and beautiful icons. Above all, as its title says, you will eventually find out how simple this icon design thing is.

Followings are the parts of the series:

  1. How to Create a Simple Button Icon in Adobe Illustrator
  2. Adobe Illustrator’s Tools and Palettes Used Most for Icon Creation
  3. How to Create a Simple Stroke Dashboard Icon in Adobe Illustrator
  4. How to create a realistic globe icon
  5. How to create a glossy Network icon
  6. Perspective in Icon Design – Part 1: Draw a Paint Bucket icon
  7. Perspective in Icon Design – Part 2: Know-hows
  8. Lighting in Icon Design (revisited)
  9. Material, Coloration and Gradient in Icon Design (revisited)
  10. Pixelation, resizing, retouching, exporting (revisited)

P.S. You might as well read our first-ever guide “Drawing A Pencil Icon” already published on Smashing Magazine. (Again, many thanks to SM guys for this opportunity).

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