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Min Tran June 1st, 2010

Special Announcement: Lifetime Memberships Now Available to IconEden Club! 1

Today, we’re pleased to announce that we are, from now on, going to implement a new Premium Membership rule for our IconEden Club: Lifetime memberships. That means the premium membership will be a “lifetime membership”, and there will never be an annual due or one-year extension.

This new rule stems from the fact that we’ve had a high demand for leveraging the IconEden Club relationships, as well as we do want our premium icon sets to have a good chance to reach out to many more customers.

Who is eligible for Lifetime Membership?

Lifetime Membership is open to ANY premium member of our icon club. Whether you are already a paid member prior to 31 May, 2010 or a newly registered member, your membership is now effective with lifetime status.

What is the Lifetime Membership term?

Lifetime memberships do not expire. Once your lifetime membership is paid in full, you are forever considered as an active member.

Isn’t it cool news? If this is attractive to you, and you want to become an IconEden Club member, click here to join right now.

Min Tran December 8th, 2009

Fresh 2.0 1

Fresh 2.0

Since its launch, Fresh has been our flagship product. We’re tremendously happy to see Fresh well-received and become increasingly popular. But as pixel perfectionists, we always strive to create more usable and better products. Fresh‘s success inspires us to redesign the set completely from scratch.

During the last few months, we’ve worked real hard on the redesign, trying to maintain the general style of the set and at the same time improve its usability, color and versatility. We’ve listened to our customers’ feedback and requests and paid undivided attention to each and every pixel with a view to making Fresh a perfect iconset.

Fresh 2.0

Added to the redesign are 195 additional icons, making Fresh one of the biggest iconsets on the Internet. Yes, it’s 440 icons in 7 different sizes, available in 5 popular formats! We believe that if you want to get just one iconset for all your future work, Fresh 2.0 is the only set you will ever need, be it your website, software or software works. You can purchase the Fresh standard set which contains a pixel version of the icons or the full set with all pixel icons, plus editable and scalable vector icons in EPS format.

Free update from Fresh 1.0 to Fresh 2.0

Customers who bought the Fresh 1.0 set now can get Fresh 2.0 for free by using the download links in the order confirmation emails. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send us an email.

Min Tran December 6th, 2009

Spot the difference? Yes, we redesigned

It has been quiet for a while. In the past few months, we’ve been working on some new icon releases and a very interesting project – revamping IconEden. Today marks an important day in our history. We want to introduce to you guys the IconEden Version 3. This redesign is our third major face-lift. Since we just redesigned the site in April, it looks like redesigning the site after 8 months is a crazy idea.

Why (another) redesign?

Run by the Frexy, a leading web design studio, we’re serious about design. In our dictionary, redesigning is solving existing problems. We always want to give our visitors a better online experience. Our goal of this redesign is giving the site a beautiful look, making IconEden.com more product-centric and improving the usability. Since we’re growing very fast, it’s essential to keep our site up-to-date to meet our new medium.

What’s next?

There will be some updates and fixes here and there within the next few days. If you have feedback or comment, please let us know. Thank you so much!

Meanwhile, subscribe to our RSS or follow us on Twitter to stay updated with new releases and freebies. We have many interesting stuffs to post here soon. Stay tuned!

Min Tran June 25th, 2009

Birdies, a free Twitter iconset 10

We know that we’re a bit late for the party. But late is better than never, we finally decided to take the plunge and join Twitter.

Follow us today to keep abreast of news, promotion, icon give-aways and resources from the icon design community.

Don’t we say that we love the blue birds? To celebrate this event, we’ve designed a tiny iconset called “Birdies”. Birdies is the set of 12 beautiful and lovely Twitter icons. All the icons included in the set have clean shapes and neutral colors so you can use it for various contexts, from a "Tweet it" button for your blogs to desktop wallpapers. The set is available in both pixel and EPS vector format so icons can be rescaled to any size while retaining their original details.

Birdies a free iconset

Min Tran April 19th, 2009

Introduce IconEden Version 2 6

Introduce to Icon Eden 2

How have you been doing? During the past six months, we have been busy with clients’ work and some new releases for IconEden.com.

Our icon collection has grown, it now has more than 2000 icons and more than 10 sets. We expand our scopes of service and custom icon design now becomes our core service. Our website needs major changes to meet our new medium. After 2 months of hard-work, we’re glad to introduce to you guys the 2nd version of IconEden.com.

What’s new in the version 2:

  • New slick design
  • Membership: you can pay an annual membership fee to access to all icons in our collection.
  • New product families: Lite, Purple and Yummy sets. Our premium icon collection has now exceeded 1.000 icons!
  • Affiliate program (coming soon)

What happens to the book?

We′ve received a lot of email asking about the release of the book. Thank you for your interest! In fact, we′ve finished most of the writing, and there′s holding back, the release is slated for this month’s end.

We′re still experiencing and making some changes to the site here and there. Meanwhile, make a toast and cheers!